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How to Overcome Life Disruption and Get Back on Track: Tips at the Initial Stage

My life is disrupted unexpectedly.

I was scared and emotional when I was told about the news.

As a coach, I asked myself “What mood am I in?”

Instead of asking “Why”, I turned the question to “What’s next?”. “What options do I have?”

There was no time for me to indulge myself with unhelpful emotions.

It took me a few days to reflect, and shift my mood from avoidance to acceptance.

My learning at the initial stage:

  • Life is full of surprises.

  • Accept and express the emotions.  The more I suppressed my emotions, the more I was in the fear mode.

  • Drop the question “Why” as quickly as possible when I cannot change what happened to me

If you are going through challenges at work or in life right now, book a session to have a dialogue with me.


Norris Wong is an Executive Coach who supports individuals to uncover their potential. If you would like me to support your personal development, book me to start a dialogue.


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