Unleash your potential to be your best self

Coaching is about transformation of an individual. It is about you making positive shifts, strengthening and unleashing your potential to be your best self.

In your coaching journey, we support you to get clear of what you really want to achieve, clear what is getting your way, explore what you may not have known and possibilities and make steps to pursue it.

My coaching specialty is in 3 areas:

  1. career transition – supporting you to understand your career challenges and transition into a new role or team confidently;

  2. personal effectiveness – helping leaders and professionals to develop their own leadership style, enhance their communication and interpersonal skills; and

  3. personal development – raising your self-confidence, achieving a desirable work/life balance at your choice.

Coaching will be conducted face-to-face or via video conference over a number of months.   Between sessions, you receive timely support over emails or short phone calls. We provide you a proposal following our initial meeting.

Coach Norris

I am passionate about supporting individuals who want to build their strengths and work on their development needs through a self-discovery journey.



  • Certified Masteries Coach, International Association of Coaching

  • Ontological coaching practitioner

  • Certified Everything DiSC Trainer

  • Executive Diploma in Corporate Coaching, University of Hong Kong SPACE


I offer a free 30-minute call to answer any questions and explore coaching options with you. 


I had the pleasure of having Norris as my coach to support me during a period of career transition.  I particularly liked her succinct questioning style as they kept me focused on my goals and helped articulate my thoughts and ideas clearly.  A chat with Norris can always lead to new insights as she always put her 'coaching cap' on to see potential in everyone.

Founder of Growing with Pi


I have known Norris for many years, her coaching skills impressed me a lot.  From the recent coaching session she had with me, I got a lot of new ideas and inspirations.

China HR Director

Norris是非常有经验的Coach,特别是在我的员工发展计划和战略实施方面。Norris帮助我有效地理清思路,采用正确的技术和方法。在每一次的对话中,Norris都引导我制订自己的行动计划和方案,并及时沟通和反馈。 我发现自己在日常工作中有明显的改变,而且我越来越热爱我现在的工作。感谢Norris这一段时间对我的帮助,真的非常感谢!

Head of Customer Fulfillment, China

Chemical Industry

A coaching conversation created a space to think of myself, my belief and values so that I became aware of the desired role of my career.  Norris is a nice coach.  I felt she showed understanding [of] my desired as a star trainer to present in a group.  She used power[ful] questions to engage the thinking how I can do in many opportunities.  She trusted me I can perform well.

A professional nurse

Norris is my personal coach on goal setting and time management.  She is wise to guide me to solve problem strategically.  I appreciate her structured way of coaching which is tailor-made to suit my personal needs.

Senior Unit Manager

Insurance Industry

Norris made me realise that coaching is not just a simple conversation, but also involves self-exploration or self-discovery.  I feel safe to share my topics with her.  I appreciate that Norris never criticises and remains neutral in coaching sessions.  I have the courage to face my own issues. She uses different ways to let me have a deeper understanding of myself, such as her tone of voice and different facial expressions. 

I have completed my coaching sessions and I learnt a lot.  I can manage my emotions effectively.  I build up a positive mindset to deal with challenges.  More importantly, I learn how to develop an action plan to change myself.  When I encounter challenges, I can calmly think of viable actions to address them.

Assistant Lecturer

Coaching is brand new to me.   Upon meeting with my coach, Norris, I immediate[ly] felt at ease.  She gave me new perspectives that I have never thought of.  She helped me to understand the importance of making myself happy.   After talking with her, I felt inspired, encouraged and hopeful.

Marketing Professional

Norris Wong | Total Rewards Strategist & Executive Coach             

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