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Unleash your potential to be your best self

Coaching is about transformation of an individual. It is about you making positive shifts, strengthening and unleashing your potential to be your best self.

In your coaching journey, we support you to get clear of what you really want to achieve, clear what is getting your way, explore what you may not have known and possibilities and make steps to pursue it.

My coaching specialty is in 3 areas:

  1. leadership style – helping you to develop your own leadership style, enhance your communication and interpersonal skills; 

  2. personal development – raising your self-confidence, achieving a desirable work/life balance at your choice; and

  3. career transition – supporting you to understand your career challenges and transition into a new role or team confidently.

Coaching will be conducted face-to-face or via video conference over a number of months.   Between sessions, you receive timely support over emails or short phone calls. We provide you a proposal following our initial meeting.

Two Friends Biking
Coach Norris

Imagine that I'm cycling with you on your personal transformation journey.  I am passionate about supporting you to build your strengths and work on your development needs.   



  • Certified Coach, International Association of Coaching

  • Authorised Trainer, International Consortium of Agile

  • Ontological coaching practitioner

  • Certified Everything DiSC Trainer



I offer a free 30-minute call to answer any questions and explore coaching options with you. 


Image by Nik

"I am incredibly grateful to have had you as my career coach for the past six months.  Your guidance and support have been instrumental in my growth both professionally as well as personally.  You have helped me build my own style of management presence and armed me with practical strategies to work more effectively with stakeholders at different levels.  I particularly appreciate how you provided a safe environment to share challenges that I faced, gave me space to reflect openly, unlearned my preconceptions, and guided me to accept who I am and create my own identity.  


I highly recommend Norris to anyone seeking professional guidance and development.  Her professionalism and commitment made a genuine difference in my career journey.  Thank you for your invaluable support!"

Head of Legal, Asia
Global Insurance Company

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