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Are You Hesitant To Make A Change?

My client asked me how to start engaging his team in conversation. It was almost a monologue in many of his team meetings. He wanted his team members to share ideas and took ownership of actions.

As our dialogue started, he found himself always carrying dark mood to start a week. It affected how he showed up and the way he spoke with his team. He felt clueless how to deal with his mood. We further explored the mood triggers and how mood interacted with his body and language.

When he decided to work on his mood and came up with a few ideas, he said "it seems very hard to start".

Later, I sat in his weekly meeting to observe what happened. He concluded the meeting by sharing a positive quote. I observed that the team felt a bit surprised with the ending in a good way.

"Don't Think Too Much!"

After the meeting, I asked my client how often he closed a meeting with a quote.

He said "This is the first time that I share a quote. I wanna start somewhere to manage my mood."

I asked "How do you feel about this move?"

He said "It is less scary to continue after I share the first quote."




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Photo credit: Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash. Enhanced by Norris

It is natural to feel scary or hard to make a change, especially something deeply seated in our mind. Focus on your immediate step. Be courageous to make your first move.

Norris Wong is an Executive Coach who supports individuals to uncover their potential. If you would like me to support your personal development, book me to start a dialogue.


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