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What Do I Learn From My Coachees in 2023?

  1. Self doubt happens at times.   Instead of piling up frustrations, I start to count my blessings and achievements.  We don’t need to be harsh to ourselves all the time.  There are a lot of moments worth celebrating.

  2. Handling negative emotions. When I have negative emotions, I say No to let them sink in. I say yes to be happy, and choose to do what I like to do.

  3. When coachees show their vulnerability to me, I said “your coach is also an ordinary person”.  I am a human being who may have gone through and learnt from the challenges that they face today.

  4. Make good use of our winning mindset.  Winning mindset motivates us to take actions to chase our dream.  When it is at its extreme, winning mindset can blindfold us.  We become narrowly focused and may not see the opportunities around us.

  5. Passive versus pro-active.  We may have blamed other people for treating us badly. We forget that we choose to be passive in managing working relationships.  If we want to be treated with respect, we can choose to learn how to interact with people with confidence.

As a coach, I reflect and learn a lot from the interactions with my coaches. What do you learn from your coachees?


Norris Wong is an Executive Coach who supports individuals to uncover their potential. If you would like me to support your personal development, book me to start a dialogue.


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