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What Colour Would You Use to Describe Your Life in 2021?

What colour would you use to describe your life in 2021?

How many colours have you added to your life in 2021?

Single colour? A few colours? or Many colours?

What do the colours mean to you?

Whatever your answer is, it is fine.

2021 will come to an end tomorrow.

If you only have a few colours in your life this year, add some new colours to your life in the coming year.

You have a new canvas to paint your 2022 life.

I wish you all to have a colourful life in 2022.

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Norris Wong is an independent Human Resources consultant who supports employers & Human Resources leaders to solve people issues with a people centric approach. If you would like to get support on your people issues, drop me an email at to start a conversation.


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