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Self-confidence Found in a Treasure Box

We are created with unique qualities. We should be proud of who we are and the qualities installed in us when we were created.

Sometimes, we are doubtful of ourselves when –

Fear overcasts our mind

Negative thoughts lead us to focus on our weaknesses

Frustrating experience limits our belief

Do you realize that self-confidence is a Lost and Found item in your treasure box?

A client talked to me that she felt her career path rugged. She finished her high school education and continued to pursue further study in her career life. Her curiosity and perseverance got her through different job roles. Her eyes shined when she told me how she applied her knowledge of statistics to do sales analysis to help Sales Manager manage his business easily. In the next minute, she sat low and regretted about her education level in tears.

I invited her to do a small practice with me. I asked her to imagine herself holding an ordinary box (representing herself). The first coin that she puts in the box is a common coin (her education). Over the years, she has been collecting valuable coins made of precious metals with her dedication, perseverance and hard work. I saw a unique and precious treasure box. She took a deep breath and said, “I never think that my box is filled with abundance. I feel more confident and see the coins shining through my box.” She relaxed her shoulders slightly. We then talked about what she could do to familiarize herself quickly in the new work environment and how she could contribute in her new role.

When you focus on your limitation or toughness in the past, you forget the knowledge and valuable experience you build in yourself over time.

When you look at your own treasure box, you will find that your self-confidence is already in it. You think that you lose it but it is always in the treasure box. Show your confidence and let you shine.

Your confidence grows when you continue to fill your treasure box.

Author: Norris is a professional coach. You may contact her at


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