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Feedback Is A Gift

When my team leader shared this quote with me years ago, I did not understand what it mattered. Over the years, I change my leadership style based on some of the feedback that I received. I find it valuable when people are honest and sincere to help me to improve and grow to be a better person.

When I discussed this topic with young team leaders, some felt uneasy and gave me a look like "what?".

I share with them a few questions to think about.

💡If we are unrelated to anyone, why would another person care about giving us feedback?

💡 As a leader, what do we believe and how do we show up such that team mates genuinely feel safe to share their view?

💡 Don' t be surprised or feel bad if someone gives us feedback bluntly. We are not trained how to give feedback during school days. We start to learn it at work.

💡 We can choose what and how to take feedback. Staying open mind helps tremendously.

💡 Say “thank you” to people who give us feedback.


Norris Wong is an independent Human Resources Consultant who supports employers & Human Resources leaders to solve people issues with a people centric approach. If you would like to get support on your people issues, drop me an email to start a conversation.


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