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CareER 賽馬會「疾風草」職涯發展計劃

CareER Jockey Club Thriving Grass Career Development Program


在疾風草職涯發展計劃開幕典禮上,CareER 機構的掌舵人Walte的聊聊數句,已道出深刻的訊息。

  1. 不要同情我們。我們是有能力的大學畢業生,只需要給我們一個【工作】機會 。

  2. 請專注在我們的能力而非我們的殘障。



Walter shared two key notes at the opening ceremony of CareER Thriving Grass Career Development Program.

1. Don't be sympathetic with our situation. We are a group of capable university graduates. All we need is a job opportunity to demonstrate our ability.

2. Focus on our ability, not disability.

I'm glad to be a volunteer coach of the program.

作者: Norris 是一位教練, 歡迎您發電郵給她, 探討您的需要。


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