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Dot 視障教練成長分享會



  1. 真正的視野是從心出發而非局限於眼睛所看見的。

  2. 靈敏的聽覺讓你更能聽到自己和別人的心聲。

  3. 你雖看不見,仍然把注意力集中在受教者(coachee) 身上。

  4. 雖然看不到,你仍可請受教者運用想像力去描繪圖像。

  5. 沒有其他事物吸引你的眼睛,你完全投入你們的教練對話。

  6. 你具有無比勇氣,在眾人面前作教練對話示範。

  7. 你看到的世界或許無色、甚至黑暗,你卻幫助別人看見曙光。

  8. 你的生命充滿無限的可能性。

  9. 教練對話讓人看得廣、走得遠。


註: "一分視力,十分視野" 標題出自鄺仲安教練。


Here are key messages and insights that I learnt from the visually impaired coaches at their event in March.

  1. Insights come from your heart.

  2. Sensitive hearing enables you to listen more about yourself and others.

  3. Though you cannot see, you still focus on the coachee.

  4. You encourage the coachee to imagine the picture of the end game.

  5. You are not distracted by the surrounding. You are fully engaged your coaching conversation.

  6. You are courageous to do a coaching demonstration on the stage.

  7. The world that you are in may be dark. You help people see light (and hope) in life.

  8. You cannot see but your life shows possibilities.

  9. Coaching conversation helps people see beyond and go further in life.

作者: Norris 是一位教練, 歡迎您發電郵給她, 探討您的需要。


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